Franklin Public Schools Attendance Exception Request
Please use this form to submit a request for a District Attendance Exception if your family is asking for a child to attend an elementary school within the Franklin Public Schools that is not their assigned school (determined by your Franklin address).

If your request is approved, parents are responsible for timely transportation to/from school. This request must be submitted EVERY SCHOOL YEAR in order to continue being a district exception student. Not submitting a request each year will result in your child's reassignment to their home school.

Submittal of this form does not guarantee the approval of your request. All requests will be reviewed by the District and you will be contacted regarding the approval or denial of your request.

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I understand if the district exception request is approved, that timely transportation to/from school is my responsibility. *
I understand if the district exception request is approved, this is for one school year only and that an additional request to continue must be submitted each year. *
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