Community Survey-Any Given Child
Help determine the future of the arts education in the Fowler-Malaga region.

The community is gathering, with support from the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, to assess and make plans to ensure that any given child has the arts as part of their education. Data from community surveys, school surveys and public input will be used to create a customized long-range plan for comprehensive arts eduction that is equitable and sustainable in our local communities.

Note: For the purpose of this survey, arts education is defined as modes of learning based upon a variety of art forms, including dance, music, performing, and visual arts.

How long have you lived in Fowler-Malaga area?
What has you and/or your family's participation in the following arts activities been in the last year? (Include anyone you live or spend a lot of time with. Leave activity blank if zero.) *
1 time
2 times
3-5 times
6-10 times
10-15 times
20 or more times
Attend films/movies
Attend museums
Attend music performances
Attend or participate in religious/religion-based performances, art events or artistic workshops
Attend or participate in school performance, or other evening school arts events
Attend other exhibitions
Attend theater or dance performances
Create art as individual hobby
Create art together at home (adults and children)
Participate in after-school arts programs
Participate in private lessons/classes
Participate in summer arts programs
Participate in weekend arts programs
Photography/videography as individual hobby
Photography/videography together (adults and children)
Sing/play music as individual hobby
Sing/play music together (adults and children)
Someone in the family is a professional artist/musician/dancer/performer/filmmaker/writer
Writing/poetry as individual hobby
Writing/storytelling/poetry together (adults and children)
Rate how important arts education is for children to... *
No opinion
Not important
Somewhat important
Very important
Build self-confidence
Build self-discipline
Develop collaborative working skills
Develop social skills
Enhance career opportunities as an adult
Foster their creative abilities
Improve overall quality of life
Improve test scores
Increase overall academic achievement
Increase probability of attending college
Increase probability of high school graduation
Increase understanding of a multicultural society
Learn critical thinking skills
Rate the importance of the following arts education opportunities. *
No opinion
Not important
Somewhat important
Very important
Professional artists visiting the classroom
Connecting arts experiences into other subject curriculum (science, math, social studies, writing)
Field trips to art museums and live performancecs
Programs that utilize/support local arts organizations or artists
Summer arts programs
After school art opportinities
Community, public, or private arts programs that include the family/parents
How are you affiliated or involved with a K-8 school? Check ANY or ALL that apply:
Are you involved in a civic group such as a neighborhood association, City Club, Lions Club, PTA, etc.? If yes, what is your group? If yes, does your group address arts education issues? If yes, does your group fund raise for arts education?
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