Thank you as always for giving feedback that might help us continue to be and become a smart, strong, successful school. Please complete this survey by June 1. The information you provide is anonymous. Thank you for helping our school continually improve.
My student is in the ___ grade (check more than 1 if applicable):
We have been members of the school for:
Please rate the following aspects of our EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM:
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Sure
I generally understand the educational program at 4R.
Academic expectations are clear.
There is sufficient challenge.
Progress reports communicate well how my child is doing.
Teachers assign the right amount of homework.
Teachers offer sufficient support
Students are held to high academic standards.
The school creates a positive social and emotional environment.
Behavior expectations are clear.
The school helps students grow as people.
Students are expected to produce high quality work.
Every student is known well by at least 1 adult.  
Please rate the following items related to communication and Administration?
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Sure
The Flash, Currents, and other mailings provide good information from the school.
Communication with teachers is easy and adequate.
Communication with administrators is easy and adequate.
The school has built a strong sense of community.
I support the school through participation with Family Council or other volunteer activities.
I am satisfied with my child's education at Four Rivers.
The Board of Trustees completes an annual evaluation of the Head of School and your input is valuable to that process. Please respond to the following statements related to the Head of School's job performance:
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Not Sure
Good public speaker; effective with students and adults.
Strong writing skills.
Action oriented; presses for results.
Implements decisions; follows through on time.
Builds warm, cooperative relationships.
Has good relationships with students.
Is available to parents; responds quickly when needed.
Takes new ideas or suggestions seriously; open to input.
Accepts criticism well; easy to give him feedback.
Maintains integrity; earns trust.
Shows commitment to school mission.
Four Rivers asks students to think about three central themes -- nature, technology and community -- and to consider a fundamental question of our times: how do we find the healthy, sustainable interrelationship of the natural world, technology in its many forms, and the human community? Do you feel these themes play a significant role in the school?
We have a "No Surprises" Pledge in our handbook, hoping to provide prompt communication especially about academic concerns -- using the Academic Status Flag in FOCUS, providing Teacher Web Pages, and contact from teachers and advisors. Do our efforts provide you the information you need about your child's academic performance?
The FLASH email announcements are our main way to communicate with families from week to week. Do you read the FLASH?
EQUAL ACCESS: It is important that all obstacles to equal access to school programs for all students regardless of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, limited English-speaking ability or sexual orientation, are removed. Please let us know if you feel your child may not have had full access to any of the programs below based on one of these protected categories
Full access
Not full access
Core Curriculum
Extracurricular Clubs
Extracurricular Athletics
Do you have any specific suggestions to make the school a better place for you and your children?
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