SimSam Workshop @ Forthwith Festival
Use the form below to sign up for the SimSam workshop by Dan Green at Forthwith Festival!

Time: Sunday 12 February 2017 - 1PM - 6PM
Cost: 30CAD

max participants: 10 persons

Together with electronic whizkid Dan Green from established synthbuilder 4MS Company we will be building the SimSam!

The SimSam (Simple Sampler) is a single-chip “sample-rate cruncher” that’s glitchy as all-get-out. It’s an effect with an input and output jack; and it’s a noise-maker since a jumper shorts the output back into the input when nothing is plugged into the input jack.

For the real nerds, here are the specs:

The heart of it is a programmable AVR chip, the ATTINY85. This 8-pin chip has 512 bytes of SRAM memory, which is used to simultaneously record and play a constantly changing “sample.” Think of the SRAM as a very very short tape loop (a few milliseconds long). The signal comes in the Audio Input jack and gets stored into SRAM (via a virtual “record head”) at a variable rate called the “sample rate”. Sample rate can be thought of as the speed of the motor on a tape-deck that’s recording. While that’s happening, the SRAM is also being played back (via a virtual “playback head”) and sent out the Audio Output jack. Two buttons affect the sample rate to get different effects. The button on the right cycles through one of 8 different rates, which effectively changes the pitch of the output– but don’t think of it like a pitch shifter, it’s way glitchier than that. If you hold this button down, recording to SRAM is disabled, and the playback just plays whatever happens to be stored in SRAM. Since the SRAM is so tiny, this “sample” sounds like a tone with a weird waveshape. Finally, when you hold down the button in the middle (or the left button for v1.0), it cycles through all the sample rates at a fast pace to create a warble effect. In v2.0, there is a button on the left that resets the whole circuit.

We will make sure all parts and tools are provided, you just have to show up and with help of the master you will walk out with a working SimSam!

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