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Based on the panels layout
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Scrolling between task and resource panels
See task or resource details in center column
Link tasks with ctrl-key and mouse click
Assignment of resources with mouse
Assignment of resources with quantity
Modify column order
Add columns
Adjust timescale in Gantt
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Basic features *
Create and track schedule
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Breakdown of tasks (WBS)
Gantt chart for time schedule of tasks
Assign resources to tasks
Calculate costs per resource and task
Progress tracking with color indication
Adjust working hours
Print schedule on paper
Save schedule as .pdf file
Import Microsoft Project file
Export Microsoft Project file
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Google Drive features *
The schedule files are kept in Google Drive
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Open ProjectWork by clicking in Drive
Create new schedule from Drive
Share schedule file with other user(s)
Share schedule with viewer
Real-time reload when sharing file
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Advanced features *
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Attach Drive files to tasks and resources
Publish project schedule as HTML in Google Drive
Milestones of all your projects in Google Calendar
Site locations in Google Maps with progress information
Create progress report in Google Document
Publish schedule in Google spreadsheet for reporting
Import ideas from mindmap file
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Support *
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Video tutorials
Slide show
Help desk
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