Ingenuity Program Application 2018/19
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What grade will you be entering? *
If second semester application, what grade are you currently in.
Would you develop an existing talent or pursue a passion while in the Ingenuity Program? *
Possible talents might be, but are not limited to: music production, art, programming, 2D animation, 3D animation, writing. Passions might be, but are not limited to: writing screenplays, sculpture, photography (utilizing Photoshop), product design, interior design, architecture, fashion design.
What is the final product or artifact that you would strive to complete? *
Products could be a song you write and produce, an animated short film, a web series you direct, a prototype of a new product, a metal sculpture, a photograph, an architectural schematic (something that can be seen).
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What hardware, software or online course might you need to develop your interest, talent or passion?
If none feel free to leave blank.
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List some steps that might need to be taken to create this product?
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Would you have an interest in taking an online course in the area you are talented or passionate in as a part of your experience? *
Such classes could range from three weeks to three months.
Every student is expected to maintain and update their own web site, including weekly blog posts and product updates. Would this be something you would be motivated and excited to do well each week? *
Each student in the program is responsible for managing their own personal website, including links, professional appearance, blog posts, pictures, etc.
Would you be interested being in the Ingenuity Program for a semester or a year? *
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