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Use free scholarship search sites such as www.FastWeb.com or www.scholarships.com to find a wide array of scholarships for which you may qualify (more websites listed below). Also be sure to check with your employer and your parents' employers for available scholarships they may offer.
Local Scholarship Awards
Given at Awards Program at End of Year
Name of ScholarshipCriteriaWebsiteGrade LevelDate ArrivedDue Date
Bridge Builders Community Foundations ***Please note that there is now only ONE application for all scholarships.  Please visit the website to view individual scholarship criteria. You will apply for all scholarships by completing ONE application   **Indiciates scholarships that are through Bridge Builders Community Foundations.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/164/1/2016
Nicholas R. Sanford Memorial Journalism**Applicant must have a 3.6, 85%, or B+ grade point average and have plans to pursue journalism studies at an accredited 2 or 4 year college or university after graduation.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/1604/01/16
Arthur (Bud) Van Nort Memorial** (East Forest ONLY)EAST FOREST ONLY This scholarship is for any current senior at East Forest High School who has demonstrated high academic achievement, participation in both curricular and extracurricular activities, and has plans to attend a four (4) year college or university. You are able to apply for this scholarship through http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/164/1/2016
Forest County Tax Payers Association** (East Forest ONLY)EAST FOREST ONLY This scholarship is for any current senior at East Forest High School who has demonstrated high academic achievement and has plans to attend a college, university, technical, or trade school. Financial need will be strongly considered.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/164/1/2016
J. Bowman Proper Memorial** This scholarship is for any graduate of West Forest High School or Forest County resident who has plans to attend a technical or trade school, college, university, nursing school, or business college and eventually seek employment in Forest County. Academic achievement, financial need, and community involvement will be considered.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/164/1/2016
Sherman Memorial Scholarship** (West Forest ONLY)WEST FOREST ONLY This scholarship is for any graduating senior at West Forest High School who has plans to attend a four (4) year college, university, technical, or trade school and has demonstrated high academic performance and school/community involvement.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/164/1/2016
Robert L. Kinnear Memorial Scholarship**                (West Forest ONLY)WEST FOREST ONLY These scholarships will be awarded to one (1) female and one (1) male senior at West Forest High School who participated in the West Forest High School Athletic Program and demonstrated Good Sportsmanship. Financial need, involvement in community activities, and likelihood of success as a college or university or trade school student will also be considered.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/164/1/2016
Applied Technology Scholarship**This Fund was established by Venango County in order to provide a permanent endowment to provide financial assistance to select students enrolled in the Applied Technology at Venango Campus of Clarion University of Pennsylvania; and therefore, to support economic growth in Venango County by helping grow a technology trained workforce.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/20164/1/2016
Oil City Lodge #78 Loyal Order of Moose Scholarship**This scholarship is for any natural, adopted, or step-children of a member of Oil City Lodge #78 Loyal Order of Moose Club. All scholarships will be awarded based on need.http://www.bridgebuilderscommunityfoundations.org/receive/apply-for-scholarship121/11/20164/1/2016
Titusville Hospital Auxiliary (TAHA) Scholarship (West Forest ONLY)WEST FOREST ONLY Medical Field Scholarship is awarded each year by the Titusville Area Auxiliary (TAHA) to high school candidates entering a post-secondary program in a medial field of study. The maximum award to each recipient is $2,500 payable over the first two years of study. Funds are paid directly to the institution in four equal installments during the first two years in the program. Applications are judged without the committee having knowldge of an applicant's name and withour regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disablity. Applications can be picked up in the Guidance Office.12
Clarion Venango Forest County Farm Bureau Scholarship ProgramThe Clarion Venango Forest County Farm Bureau will be awarding three $500 scholarships in 2015 to qualified students. Applications will be accepted annually from January 1st through March 15th. Recipient selection will be at the Spring Meeting of the CVF County Farm Bureau which is held in March (date TBA). Scholarships will be awardd in April. Eleigibility requirements: 1) Applicant must be a member or from a member household of the CVF County Farm Bureau 2) Applicant must be enrolled to attened one of a variety of post-secondary institutions for the next school year. These include, but are not limited to: four year colleges, business colleges, graduate schools, technical schools, trade schools, and community colleges. 3) Applocamt must have maintained a 2.0 or higher QPA, "C" average, or 80% grade average (current high school or college) 4) Submit a complete scholarship appliation form and provide a current transcript. Application can be found in the Guidance Office12 or higherWinter 2016
Forest County Association of Township OfficialsThe Forest County Association of Township Officers, with assistance by the Member Townships, will again be presentng a $500 scholarship to a senior student from both the East Forest and the West Forest High Schools. Any student pursuing higher education by enrolling in a university, college, trade school, nurses traning, etc. is eligible to apply. An brief essay of 500 words or less must be written on "How, on the local level, can we bring small or large business to our area?". Entries will be pcked up at the schools during the week of Aprl 1, 2015. Please visit the Guidance Office for more information. 121/1/2016
State and National Scholarship Awards
Name of Scholarship Criteria Website Grade Level Date ArrivedDue Date
Prudential Spirit of Community AwardsCommunity service activity or individual leadershiphttp://spirit.prudential.comGr 5-12--11/04/15
Hermine Solt Student ScholarshipThe Pennsylvania Association of Educational Office Professionals' Student Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 for the purpose of aiding students in Pennsylvania to pursue higher education in a business related field.  Scholarships of $500 each will be offered to students who meet the requirements.  Check requirements on the website.www.Hermine Solt Student Scholarship ApplicationGr 12--03/01/16
Pittsburgh Technical InstituteActive in Student Organizations/Partial tuition up to $6,000www.pti.eduGr 12--
PSECU 2015 ScholarshipsStudent must be Credit Union member by Dec 31, 2015www.psecu.comGr 12--02/29/16
Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania Scholarship ProgramStudent must have a diagnosis of epilepsy/seizure disorder (must be confirmed by applicant's physician), provide acceptance to a post-secondary acadmic or vocational program, be a full-time student and 2015 graduate, and we a legal resident of Western/Central Pennsylvania.
Gr 12
Fall 2015
NFIB Young Entrepreneur AwardGraduating high school seniors who operate their own small business are eligible to receive a 2015 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award from the Young Entrepreneur Foundationwww.NFIB.com/YEAGr 12--
Edgar Snyder and Associates Words to be Heard Scholarship ContestGraduating high school seniors planning to attend a four-year college or university in the fall of 2015 must fill out an application and submit a presentation that discourages underage drnking and drunk driving OR texting while driving.
Gr 12--
Marienville Veteran's Club ScholarshipThe Marienville Veteran's Club will be awarding two scholarships of $500 each to two graduation seniors from East Forest High School.  the applicants for the scholarship must write an essay on the following topic:  What is the significance of "Excersise Tiger" during World War II?  The essay must be typed and be 500 words in length.  The essay will be due to Mrs. Edmondson on Friday, December 4, 2015 by 2:30PM.Gr 12--12/4/2015
Scholarship Websites and Tips
Popular Scholarship Websites
Scholarship Application Tips
1. Use free scholarship search sites such as: www.FastWeb.com or www.scholarships.com to find a wide array of scholarships for which you may qualify. Also be sure to check with your employer and your parents' employers.
2. Don't shy away from smaller scholarships or ones which require an essay. There is often less competition for these awards, so your chance of success is greater.
3. Write one really good essay. Focus on describing yourself in a way that is not already reflected on your transcript. In other words, focus on attributes, not on academics. Use this essay as often as it fits the application process.
4. Be sure your essay addresses the key requirements of the scholarship. Your basic essay might be fine, but you may need to revise it slightly for different awards.
5. Focus on things you have done outside the classroom, such as extracurricular activities, part-time work, and community service. Discuss ways in which your involvement in these activities has made you a better person.
6. Be grammatically correct. Always use proper English, write in complete sentences and use proper punctuation.
7. Be very mindful of deadlines, and submit your applications early. Late applications almost always go on the "NO" pile.
8. Be prepared to work. It takes time to search for scholarships and to submit applications. But hard work has its rewards and the more free money you earn through scholarships the less you will need to borrow to pay for college.
9. Don't wait until your senior year to start searching for scholarships. Begin searching during your sophomore or junior year and make a list of any scholarships for which you might qualify.
10. Once you enroll in college, search for scholarships every year. This should be done both online and through your colleges's Financial Aid Office. Each year you change as a scholarship candidate. You advance in grade level, you may join new clubs, and organizations, you may change your major, new awards are made available, and some awards are reserved for upperclassmen. By searching every year, you will maximize your chances of success.
Avoiding Scholarship Scams
1. Never pay a fee for a scholarship. This includes a website, agency, or person who claims they will help you find free money. Scammers use bogus fees and terms such as "application, disbursement, redemption and processing fees" as a way to steal your money. Scholarships are free money and should not require any fees.
2. Never provide a credit card, bank or savings account information. Scammers will steal your identity and ruin your credit for years to come. If you do, call your bank or credit card immediately and cancel your accounts.
3. If you see or hear the word "Guarantee" walk away. No one controls scholarship judges' decisions and there are no scholarship guarantees out there.
4. Be wary of offers that claim to involve little or no work. Real scholarships take time, energy, and work.
5. Before you apply for a scholarship check all the contact information. The scholarship sponsor should supply a valid email address, phone number, and mailing address.
6. Avoid unsolicited scholarship requests. If you are told that you have received an award for which you never applied, be alert. Ask where the sponsor found your name and contact information, and research the information carefully.
7. Free scholarship or "financial planning" seminars often end with a sales pitch to "act now or lose out on this opportunity". This can often lead to the purchase of various financial products such as insurance. Legitimate organizations do not use these types of pressure tactics.
8. An official sounding name or endorsement doen't automaticallly mean it is real or legitimate. Scammers may use words like "national", "education", or "federal", or they may have an official looking seal.
9. Some scammers tell students there are millions of scholarships out there that go unclaimed because students don't know where to apply. This is false! Check out www.educationplanner.org or www.fastweb.com for scholarship opportunities.
10. Look for typing and spelling errors on scholarship materials. Application materials that contain typing and spelling errors or look nonprofessional may be an indication of a scam.
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