2012 I. Maurice Wormser Judging and Brief-Grading Registration Form

This year's I. Maurice Wormser Memorial Moot Court Competition concerns two antitrust law issues in the context of the pharmaceutical industry. The court will consider two issues. First, whether the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act ("FTAIA") is a jurisdictional statute or lays out substantive elements of a Sherman Antitrust Act claim and how broadly courts should interpret its "direct effect" requirement. Second, how courts should balance patent and antitrust law when considering the legality of reverse payment settlements. This year, in an effort to be environmentally conscious, we will only distribute the bench memo, the problem, and competitor briefs by email. If this is a serious inconvenience, please let the Wormser Editor, Hilda Lui, know (wormsermc@law.fordham.edu or 212-636-6882). Please sign up by October 12 (11:59pm). If you need to change your schedule after this date, please email Hilda.
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