Lincoln Center Housing Waitlist for Commuter Students
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I am currently matriculated in a program of study at Fordham College at Lincoln Center or Fordham University School of Law. I understand that housing is only available to students who are enrolled full time and taking classes at the Lincoln Center campus.
The information provided is my current contact information and I assume all responsibility for updating the Office of Residential Life if my information changes in the future. *
If I am offered housing at the information listed above and I do not respond I will be removed from the housing wailtist. *
If I am offered housing and I do not respond within 24 hours to confirm my interest, housing will be offered to the next person and I will be offered again only if space becomes available. *
If I am offered housing and I decline twice I will be removed from the waitlist and must fill out a new application if I am interested in future semesters.
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