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Session 1
9:00 to 9:45
Model High School
AudOpening Keynote - Gamifying LearningCat FlippenAnyoneWe have all been sucked in a game, whether it be Farmville, Angry Birds, Call of Duty, or Tetris. We can make our classrooms like a game, easily and with little to no technology, and bring that same motivation to our students. Let an expert in the field who has done it herself show you how.
MCBullying PreventionPatrick Hopper & John RhodarmorTips and guidance on how to identify and prevent bullying in your classroom and school. Also, an overview of OLWEUS - the bullying prevention program adopted by Floy d County Middle Schools.
103UWG - Graduate ProgramsJohn PonderAnyoneInterested in earning an advanced degree? Come hear about what the University of West Georgia has to offer.
111Using Technology in a Math ClassroomTyler Thomas / Lauren Jones / Lacee LandrumAnyoneExplore different strategies to use technology in math.
112Chrome ExtensionsLee GreenAnyoneThe best thing about Google Chrome is the extensions! These little things pack a major punch. Installing the correct extensions can allow you to optimize your Chrome experience for you and your students. Come check out Lee's favorite extensions that will guarantee you a win!
115Flipped ClassroomsRoy MitchellAnyoneAre you searching for a better, more efficient use of your class time? Do you strive to give better and more consistent instruction? Does your soul yearn to be different and unique, to stand out among the other teachers down the hall? Maybe the flipped classroom is for you.https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/recent
116Flipped MeetingsCraig Ellison / Jill ShepherdAnyoneWe will discuss the benefits of creating a flipped faculty meeting. Share some examples of our meetings, digital sign off, and comments from teachers. Great staff time saver. Our plan is for it to be lite and entertaining.
303Powerschool Refresher for Registrars - MandatoryVonnie Tant / Brian WorthingtonRegistrars - MandatoryTouch base with beginning of the year process. Go over information concerning middle schools and elementary school taking period attendance.
306Classroom DisciplineMike House / Dan TibbettsAnyoneLearn about classroom management techniques to handle disruptive situations. https://docs.google.com/a/floydboe.net/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZmxveWRib2UubmV0fGhvdXNlfGd4OjMzZTI1YmNhMTM0YTM4NmM
311Imagine It - 2nd GradeCarrie Graves2nd grade teachersNew to second grade or just need a refresher? Let's share how we are using Imagine It in our classrooms and how we can integrate science and social studies standards. Use the concept board as a way to motivate and involve students.https://docs.google.com/a/floydboe.net/presentation/d/1cksEuu3j2MSSYc07CasP5tFXYAIuBhMCZnuQ2BmM-sQ/edit?usp=sharing
318High School Math (Algebra) MSP - Algebra I resources and focus Suzette Mitchell, Laura Ann Moore, Tami Sigman9-12 Math TeachersAn overview of the following Algebra I resources: 1) Resources on Google Drive including SmartNB Files, classwork, homework, tasks and assessments. 2) Math Nation; how to access and use it. 3) Algebra Tiles online resources and practice.
801Math Resources WalkthroughJennifer WhiteMath TeachersDo you know where your curriculum maps are? How about your math Livebinder? How about your Math Curriculum Handbook? Attend this session to find out how to access these resources and more.....http://tinyurl.com/jwhitemathresources
802Fitness GramTherese McQuirePE TeachersFitness Assessment: The session will provide tips on using the FitnessGram program to collect information and guide instruction. This session will provide information and examples of how the program runs. Data specific to Floyd County's students gathered from last year's scores will be shared. Time for questions  and answers will also be a part of the session.
804Using SLDS for student data - AdminTammy SilversAdministratorsViewing the student profile, as well as individual and collective assessment date in the historical and operational dashboards will be covered in this session.
808Using Quizlet and Google Classroom as a differentiation tool for gifted and high achieving students in the regular elementary classroomApril CummingsK-5 TeachersLooking for ways to engage your bright and gifted learners? Incorporating digital tools such as Quizlet and Google Classroom into your curriculum can motivate and inspire this group of students while challenging them through self directed learning. It's a win-win for students and teachers!Quizlet
809Diagnostic MathMichelle ClayK-5 TeachersWant to help your students with their gaps in MATH? Come join this session and learn about FREE resources available to reach every students' math needs using the Numeracy Project and progress monitoring sheets. The session will give a brief overview to the resources available in the newly revised Georgia Frameworks. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0iKOeR56Elafk1hdnNzdWhjeFRxdDd1QjFITU9XN1FsTUc4SzVuQkM4NFRObW1LVkY3cEk
810STEMLeon BowersAnyoneUse Science Technology Engineering and Mathmatics to create real world learning experiences that teach kids how to embrace the engineering design process. See how I use robotics, cardboard creations, underwater rovers, 3-D design and printing, and a plethora of other tools to implement STEM education. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_02QVoPKgGRXDgESY2ooLxMzwucKfo4q2rPc7ZqD9bI
827Hour of Code - K-5Dr. SwanaganK-5 TeachersLearning to code is similar to learning a new language. If children start early, they will have the potential to achieve whatever they set their mind to. The session will show teachers an incredible resource for teaching children how to code that is self-guided and extends through all ages 4 and above.code.org
836Gifted Middle School TeachersMcCall GovignonGifted/Honors Middle School teachers.Gifted/Honors program Middle School teachers meet with McCall to dicsuss policies and procedures for the upcoming school year.
843Impact of the ArtsSherry ChildsAnyoneThis session will explore the importance of music and art programs in the educational process. National studies, as well as local statistics will be examined to demonstrate the effects of a strong fine arts program on academic achievement. The benefits of educating the whole child will be a focus in this presentation.
Model Elementary School
MCAbraca-data! Tricks for AdministratorsJoel FreyAdministratorsGoogle spreadsheets have many cool features that go beyond an average, pie chart, or colors. The focus of this session will be to inspire you to find those in your offices and schools that can make sense of information and help present data in a way that is easily understood by educators in your building.
105Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) for Communication BooksJennifer Steen / Debra MaxwellAnyoneOur children with complex communication needs (low verbal/ nonverbal) need a way to be able to say what they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want. PODD is a comprehensive communication system that students of all abilities can use. Come and learn about this system and practice using the communication books. This session is most appropriate for SLPs and educators in special education.
112STEAM : Integration of Content Areas through the ArtsVal FeatherstonArt Teachers, Admin, and Teachers interested in STEM or STEAM
120Information LiteracySusan Vines and Maggie Murphy of Georgia HighlandsAnyoneAre you interested in aligning your content and instruction to the information literacy environment your students will encounter in college? This presentation will provide an overview of K-12 GALILEO databases as well as recent changes to information literacy guidelines from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of the American Library Association (ALA). Included in our overview will be a demonstration of the Springshare LibGuides platform that many college and university libraries use in information literacy instruction. http://getlibraryhelp.highlands.edu/FCS
121Google ClassroomJoseph AganAnyoneThis session will provide one-on-one assistance to those looking to better utilize Google Classroom. Come prepared to set up your classroom! Bring your questions and concerns and I'll assist in finding a solution.
122EdPuzzleJennifer BeaverAnyoneEdPuzzle empowers teachers to make any video a lesson. Long videos can be cropped, teacher voice-overs added, and quizzes can be embedded in the video. EdPuzzle collects student data so that teachers can see if their students understood the lesson. Teachers can search EdPuzzle for videos from Youtube, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion, and many others. https://drive.google.com/a/floydboe.net/file/d/0BxW5wl_ygI92NFloVzVDS21yX2s/view?usp=sharing
123ZearnCandi Mears /
Stacy Fowler /
Amy Anderson /
Ginny Savage
K-5 The presentation will be appropriate for teachers in kindergarten through Grade 5 who have never used Zearn:
**walks students through each lesson with fun and fast-paced fluency practice.
**gives video examples and explanations for how to solve problems.
**shows virtual manipulatives.
**provides immediate feedback.
**is free!! **completely aligned to Eureka Math for K-5! ***Bring a chromebook to navigate through the various grade levels' activities, & your class roster to get a headstart on setting up one of your math interventions!
128"App"-solutely Awesome Ed TechSue TurnquistAnyone A practical repertoire of technology tools to authentically integrate into your classroom.https://share.nearpod.com/vsph/nOl9bzwzMu
129Google DocsJaki DayAnyoneLearn how to use a collaborative tool with colleagues and students.
130Digital CitizenshipNathan MedleyAnyoneA teachers guide in keeping our students safe in this new world of technology https://goo.gl/IJdLjo
131Mandatory ReportingSocial WorkersAnyoneMandated Reporter Training is required, by law, each school year. Take this opportunity to get it behind you.
132Middle School Gifted ELA Teachers- MandatoryBrittney PhinazeeMiddle School Gifted ELA Teachers- MandatoryMiddle School Gifted ELA colloborative on google and flip classrooms.
133ClasstoolsJudy Leroy / Hannah SmithAnyoneClasstools is an easy way to create and allow your students to create review games that will get them involed and interested in the content.
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