Cribbage Development

Development Tasks

  1. Ad back in our own ads
  2. Detect facebook/twitter bot and redirect to appropriate content 
  3. Cribbage Board
  4. Move rejoining games into user accounts.
  5. By default do not require nicknames or passphrases
  6. Add in Skunking and Double Skunking
  7. Email integration
  8. Account Requests
  9. Better error passing between app engine and javascript
  10. Facebook, formspring ? Other such social networking... ongoing


Allow for play using cookies as an authentication method... but then link the cookies to a user account if possible.

Known Bugs

  1. New game upon return.
  2. Font sizing on small screens
  3. New game weirdness
  4. Incorrect reporting of winning
  5. If game id is known arbitrary disconnect events can be sent by a malicious party

Future Features

  1. Random play/matching system?
  2. Android Version
  3. Email Notifications
  4. Browser Notifications (with some sort of time delay)
  5. SMS
  6. Working notifications in chrome with plugin for Firefox

Website Tasks

  1. Room for recent games on front page
  2. Browser Detection/Promotion on front page (Chrome & Firefox 4... etc)
  3. Facebook Page

Change Log