Change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day at FIU
Christopher Columbus represents the colonization and genocide of Indigenous People. The fact that this is a day of remembrance by Florida International University shows that the University currently does not value its Indigenous/ Native American students, faculty or community.

By changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day, Florida International University will be expressing recognition and visibility to Indigenous/Native American faculty, students and community members. It will be celebrating the contributions of indigenous communities and cultures; and acknowledge the genocide and oppression of Indigenous/Native American people.

Within one week our petition grew to have over 400 signatures and growing, and on Friday September 2nd 2016 we presented it to Student Government Association at FIU.

We will be submitting the updated petition on September 12th 4pm GC 150 to SGA Senate Meeting. Then we will present it to the Faculty Senate on September 13th at 1pm in Wertheim Conservatory 130. We implore that you please keep sharing this petition with students, faculty, alumni, and staff at FIU.

We are incredibly thankful to all of you who have signed, shared, and came with us to present this petition. We now invite you to come with us on September 12th and 13th to the SGA meeting and Faculty Senate to show solidarity with indigenous students and indigenous members of the community. Thank you.

UPDATE: On September 26th 2016, GC 150 at 4pm! There will be an open debate on whether Columbus Day should be changed to Indigenous People's Day! We implore that you as members of FIU, whether students, faculty, alumni, or staff, come out and stand in solidarity and support the Global Indigenous Group and the local Indigenous communities to acquire this change. Thank you!

You can reach us at; or on Facebook: Global Indigenous Group FIU

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