November 7, 2018

Events & Volunteers


Cancer Patients Assisted


Michael- Lung Cancer

Brian- Lung Cancer

Kristen- Breast Cancer

Irvin- Rectal Cancer

Fran- Breast Cancer

William- Throat Cancer

Rita- Eye Cancer

Paquita- Breast Cancer

Jason- Lung Cancer

John- Lung Cancer

Dolly- Lung Cancer

Jeffrey- Bladder Cancer

Victoria- Multiple Myeloma/Amyloidosis

Maritza- Breast Cancer

Barbara- Breast Cancer

Spiro- Appendix Cancer

Eleanor- Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastatic to Bone

Jennifer- Breast Cancer

Tom- Colon Cancer

Cruz- Breast Cancer

Miguel- Bone Cancer

Norma- Breast Cancer

William- Renal Cell Carcinoma

Michael- Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis

Jean- Breast Cancer

Mary Beth- Small Cell Carcinoma

Ettienah- Breast Cancer

Joy- Breast Cancer

Somdatta- Ovarian Cancer

Tracy- Colon Cancer

Laurie- Anal Cancer


Yohanny- Breast Cancer

Tracy- Malignant Neoplasm of Peritoneum

Virna- Amydiolosis (Bone Cancer)

Sharon- Rectal Adenocarcinoma

Katherine- Leukemia

Kelly- Breast Cancer

Robin- Breast Cancer, Metastatic Lung Cancer

Sidney- Multiple Myeloma

Thomas- Colon Cancer

Laurie- Breast Cancer

Melody- Breast Cancer

Teresita- Malignant Neoplasm Bile Duct

Vernon- Pyriform Sinus Cancer

Joyce- Lung Cancer

Susan- Lung Cancer

Heather- Breast Cancer

Rosemary- Glioblastoma

Maria- Breast Cancer

Mary Elizabeth- Peritoneal

Robert- Mesothelioma

Paula- Lung Cancer

Larry- Lung Cancer (passed away 1/2018)

Perry- Liver Cancer (passed away 1/2018)

Elizabeth- Breast Cancer

Leonor- Multiple Myeloma

Carol- Tongue Cancer

Heather- Pineal Malignancy

Madhavi- Breast Cancer

Gene- Pancreatic Cancer

Michael- Liver Cancer

James- Lung Cancer

Norma- Breast Cancer

Noe- Colon Cancer

Maria- Breast Cancer

Nilda- Cervical Cancer

Arthur- Esophageal Cancer (passed away 2/24/2017)

Keri- Breast Cancer

Diane- Ovarian Cancer

Ana- Ovarian Cancer (passed away 3/2017)

Nancy- Rectal Cancer

Sherry- Colon Cancer

Marc- Testicular Cancer

Sandra- Colon Cancer


Marlene- Breast Cancer Metastatic to Bone/Liver

Gary- Metastatic Small Cell Lung Cancer (passed away 1/2/2017)

Paul- Colon Cancer

Andrew- Lung Cancer

Shelly- Gastric Cancer

Nancee- Gioblastoma (passed away 10/24/2018)

Orlando- Multiple Myeloma

Beverly- Breast Cancer, assisted twice

Eduarda- Breast Cancer

Neal- Lung Cancer

Darrell- Prostate Cancer

Patricia- Breast Cancer

Don- Prostate and Colon Cancer

Ken- Head and Neck Cancer

Tara- Breast Cancer

Vietha- Ovarian Cancer

Sally- Ovarian Cancer

Jacqui- Ovarian Cancer

Paula- Lung Cancer

Jonny- Rectal Cancer

Edward- Small Cell Lung Cancer (passed away on 4/2016)

Mary Beth- Peritonial Carcinoma

Joel- Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Danielle- Rectal Cancer

Juan- Stomach Cancer

Debra- Pancreatic Cancer

James- Lung Cancer

Patrick- GI Cancer

Aaron- Tonsil Cancer

Miguel- Colon Cancer

Michael- Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Connie- Colon/Rectal Cancer

Shannon- Endometrial Cancer

James- Lung Cancer

Ronald- Lung Cancer, Secondary Brain Cancer

Kathy- Lung Metastatic to Bone Cancer, assisted three times


Gary- Laryngeal Cancer

Renee- Bilateral Retinalblastoma

Linda- Breast Cancer

Violet- Squamous Cell Cancer

Margaret- Ovarian Cancer

Rosario- Breast Cancer

Lynn- Ovarian Cancer

Rafael- Bladder Cancer

Gerald- Lung Cancer

Paul- Small Cell Lung Cancer (passed away on 9/8/2015)

George- Colon Cancer

Lloyd- Cholangiocarcinoma Cancer

Pamela- Breast to Bone Cancer (passed away on 2/16/2016)

Harry- Anal Cancer

Sharon- Breast Cancer

Elizabeth- Breast Cancer

Troy- Colon Cancer

Carol- Breast Cancer

Nancy- Thyroid Cancer Met to Mediachinum

Rodger- Colon Cancer, Metastatic to Liver

Karen- Epiglottis Cancer

Flor- Cervical Cancer

Dorothy- Endometrial Cancer

Eduardo- Colon Cancer

Joan- Breast Cancer, Metastatic to Liver

Ralph- Pancreatic Cancer

Kenny- Lung Cancer/Bone Mets (passed away 12/2015)

Jennifer- Cervical Cancer

James- Multiple Myeloma

Catherine- Vulvar Cancer

Virginia- Breast Cancer

Penny- Breast Cancer

Jeffrey- Pancreatic/Kidney/Liver Cancer

Mike- Malignant Neoplasm Tonsil (H&N)

Silvia- Lung Cancer

Nancy Pancreatic Cancer w/Liver Reti

David- Squamos Cell Cancer, Tongue and Soft Palete


Lisa- Breast Cancer

Linda- Ovarian Cancer

Jeffrey- Head and Neck Cancer

Emmanuel- Non Hodgkins Bcell Lymphoma

Jeanette- Breast Cancer

Crystal- Breast Cancer

Alycia- Breast Cancer, assisted twice

Jenny- Breast Cancer

John- Bladder Cancer, passed away on 2/7/15

Diana- Esophogus Cancer

Luz- Uterin Cancer

Mark- Floicular Lymphoma

Jack- Acute Leukemia

Carmen- Breast Cancer

Mark- Squamos Cell Carcinoma

Jacqueline- Breast Cancer

Robert- Malignant Neoplasm of Tongue

Maria- Breast Cancer

Rafael- Bladder Cancer, assisted twice

Cindy- Colon Cancer

Cynthia- Breast Cancer, assisted three times

David- Pancreatic Cancer

Larry- Sarcoma Cancer

Eugene- Base of Tongue Cancer

Lori- Ovarian/Faliopian Tube Cancer

Thelma- Hodgkins Disease

Younes- Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Catherine- Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

Luann- Endometrial Cancer

Linda- Tongue Cancer

Harold- Colon Cancer

Joan- Uterine Cancer


Barry- Metastatic Small Bowl Cancer

Elfriede- Metastatic Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

James- Lung Cancer

Mason- Malignant Rahbdoid Tumor

Randy- Rectal/Colon Cancer

Robert- Colon Cancer

Lisa- Breast Cancer

Sheryl- Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Inocencia- Breast Cancer

Cynthia- Breast Cancer

Jamie- Merkel Cell Cancer

Anita- Breast Cancer

Susan- Breast Cancer

Tammy- Breast Cancer

Ruby- Adenocarcinoma of Lung

Jeffrey- Stomach/Digestive System Cancer, passed away 5/9/2014

Richard- Lung Cancer

Deborah- Breast Cancer

Kim- Breast Cancer

Thomas- Colon Cancer, assisted twice, passed away 3/1/2016

Bill- Glioblastoma

Melody- Breast Cancer

Sarah- Breast Cancer

Carmelo- Colon Cancer

Lily- Synovial Sarcoma

Dorothy- Pancreatic Cancer

Carol- Breast Cancer

Joyce- Malignant Neoplasm of Ovary

Evelyn- Lung Cancer Metastatic

Allison- Medulary Breast Cancer

Kevin- Malignant Liver Cancer, passed away 2/2/2014

Anthony- Oropharynx Cancer, assisted four times

Jose- Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer

Ivan- Lung Cancer

Carolyn- Glioblastoma Cancer

Georgiann- Lung Cancer

Gary- Prostate and Bone Cancer

Kattelijn- Breast Cancer

Harriet- Breast Cancer

Christine- Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, passed away on 8/4/2013

Diana- Breast Cancer

Jacalyn- Breast Cancer

Joseph- Prostate Cancer, assisted twice

Shirley- Breast Cancer

Mary- Breast Cancer

Natalie- Breast Cancer, helped twice

Deborah- Breast Cancer, passed away on 8/31/2013

Alison- Multiple Myeloma

Roberta- Breast Cancer

Kelvin- Multiple Myeloma

Susan- Breast Cancer

Susan- Breast Cancer

Gerry- Breast Cancer Metastatic to Bone, assisted three times

Harvey- Lung Cancer

Joseph- Colon Cancer

Barbara- Breast Cancer

Joan- Ovarian Cancer, helped twice, passed away on 6/18/2013

Gerrald- Colon/Lung/Scalp Cancer, assisted three times

Ronald- Prostate Cancer

Angela- Ovarian Cancer

Darlene- Colon Cancer

Belinda- Colon Cancer

Jocelyn- Breast Cancer

James- Prostate Cancer

Diana- Breast Cancer, helped twice, passed away on 7/23/2013


Kimberly- Breast Cancer

Andrea- Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Jeffrey- Lung Cancer, helped twice

Jeffrey- Colon Cancer, helped twice

Robin- Breast Cancer

Ken- MDS, a form of Leukemia

Lynne- Pancreatic Cancer, passed away 12/4/2014

Pertrisher- Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, helped twice

David- Head and Neck Laryngeal Cancer

Mitchell- Prostate Cancer, helped twice

Regina- Breast Cancer

Dave- Pancreatic Cancer, helped twice, passed away on 2/23/2014

Chris- Colon Cancer, passed away on 8/12/2012

Janet- Pancreatic Cancer

Heather- Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Kevin- Melanoma, passed away 5/5/2012

Kevin- Esophageal Cancer Metastatic to Liver

Wanna- Breast Cancer

Carol- Breast Cancer, helped twice

Fae- Breast Cancer, helped twice

Vince- Throat Cancer