Off-Campus/Commuter Approval Application

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I certify that the reasons I have given in this application and supporting information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I recognize, if approval is granted, that it is based on my residency at the address given on this application. If claiming to commute from permanent/full-time residence of a parent or legal guardian who lives within the 50-mile commuting radius, I certify that my parent or legal guardian is in full agreement with all information provided. I also understand that I will be billed room charges if I move off-campus without written approval or if the information I have provided proves to be inaccurate. In addition, no refunds for room and board will be issued after I have checked into on-campus housing. Signing below signifies that I have read the agreement and understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated on this application. It also allows the Office of Student Affairs to consult with Financial, Aid, the Registrar or any other office, as needed for questions or clarifications regarding my application.

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