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1. If there was a missing fact or piece of information or even a myth or misconception that was costing you a significant amount of money now or that could cause a problem in your future, would you want to know about it before making your financial decisions? *
2. Do you own risk type investments like Mutual Funds, Stocks or Bonds? If yes, you’re most likely being affected by phantom income taxation. Is this the first time you’ve heard of phantom income taxation and would you like to reduce or stop this taxation? *
3. Have you bought into the myth that you can withdraw 5% of your portfolio because you are going to make 8-9% and, if so, would you like to know how long the amount you are withdrawing is sustainable? *
4. Do you agree that you should factor in and quantify all the fees and charges so you know the true amount of your portfolio that is going to unknown or hidden fees and charges? *
5. Would you have liked to review the real historical data on average investor returns prior to making your past financial decisions so you’d have all the critical facts to really understand your true risk tolerance? *
6. Have you made financial decisions without going through a comprehensive review of your taxes, risk comfort level, and income needs and therefore had missing facts that could be affecting your current financial plans? *
7. Prior to purchasing a specific investment in the past, would you have liked to know that you would be paying tax on your Social Security income and would you like to reduce or eliminate this taxation? *
8. Would you agree that knowing ahead of time about other strategies for your assets and income streams (such as our 3 bucket approach to help you take better control of your future) would have been beneficial to know? *
9. Would you like to make sure you know the 5 critical questions to ask your financial advisors to make sure their recommendations are in your best interest? *
10. Would you like to know about Tax Advantaged Payout and how you might enjoy your money in a very tax advantaged way and perhaps increase your income? *
11. Do you have an investment that you made in your IRA that has losses you cannot deduct? You may benefit from applying tax harvesting and loss offsetting into your tax planning. *
12. Would you like to clearly understand what your options are to preserve and protect your assets from the Medicaid spend-down rules and perhaps find the money falling through the cracks to pay for part or the entire Long Term Care problem? *
13. Wouldn’t you agree that you would want know the many things not covered by your Will and Living Trust that, when corrected, could save potentially thousands for you or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for your heirs? *
14. Have you purchased or avoided certain types of investments like Real Estate Investment Trusts, Variable Annuities, Fixed Annuities, or Limited Partnerships perhaps based on misinformation or misconceptions? *
15. Are you receiving low rates of return by using short term CDs and savings accounts due to your liquidity concerns and would you like to increase your interest rate while still being able to access your money in an emergency? *
16. Would you like to take control and find the money falling through the cracks in your current plans so you can use that money however you’d like? *
If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, it would be a good indicator that you should go through further discovery and review. Please call us at 979-820-4281 or contact us via one of the options below today for more information or to schedule a time for your no obligation review.
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