FCPS 21st Century Grant Needs Assessment Survey
FCPS is in the process of developing proposals for a 21st CCLC grant, as well as a LEAPS grant, to create additional out-of-school-time programs for each school in the county. The programs will be before- and after-school programs. As a condition for submitting these proposals, the TN Department of Education is requesting community and school input in the development of these proposals. The grants are due on March 31, 2017, so it is very important that you complete the survey by March 3, 2017.
1. I believe that having extra programs will benefit our school.
2. I think someone in my family would use the programs.
3. I would like to see extra enrichment programs to extend the learning of students into the real world.
4. I favor the efforts of the school to increase the type and number of extra programs for our students.
5. I would be willing to volunteer to help with aspects of the program. (training will be provided)
6. I would like to see after-school tutoring and homework help.
7. I would like to see students exposed to foreign language, clubs, crafts, and dance.
8. I would like to see science, technology, and math programs.
9. I would like to see students involved in recreational activities such as physical exercise, fitness, and games.
10. I would like to see parent involvement, family literacy activities, English proficiency, and truancy support.
11. I would like to see more programs that counsel youth on character education, job skills, careers, drug awareness, and character.
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