Chaperone Sign up for Agriculture Field Trip, Date: Tuesday, October 23
If you are filling out this form, it is assumed you would like to attend as a chaperone. The price is right - FREE, but WE DO NEED DRIVERS!
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Q5. Are you available to drive students or other chaperones in your vehicle? *
For Chaperones who are driving students or other chaperones
How many students can your vehicle hold?
Students cannot sit in front of vehicle
Can you drive another chaperone?
Could you drive back a box of goodie bags from the facility
The ag center will give us a box or two of goodie bags for each student
Could you bring back 1-2 trays of plants?
Each student receives a very small plant to bring home. It is suggested you bring a tarp or trash bag liner for the trunk, but these are very manageable and not very messy.
Driver's Agreement *
I understand that I will be bringing students directly back to the school from the Agriculture Center.
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