Staff Member of the Month Nominations

The Staff Member of Month program is established for all staff of Middletown High School. It has been designed to recognize the excellence, outstanding service, and dedication of Knight Staff members. Our goal is to reward employees that show exemplary individual achievement, contribution to the school, and performance that goes above and beyond their duties; to acknowledge the efforts of those whose efforts have inspired and supported the performance of others. Help us in commending the staff members of Middletown High School for their efforts and contributions.

Criteria for Nominations

A candidate should possess one or more of the following:

· Exhibits dedication, commitment and professionalism beyond normal job duties

· Acts as a role model or mentor for students and/or colleagues

· Demonstrates exceptional leadership

· Works with colleagues to develop and implement new programs or ideas in their department and/or the school

· Shows motivation and commitment to MHS working to improve relations between and among staff, faculty and students

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