FCCNY Program Proposal and Grant Request
Please use this form to notify Families with Children from China of Greater New York of an event or program that you would like to suggest and help host in the Greater NY region for our community of Chinese adoptees and their friends and families. Typically this includes Northern NJ, the Hudson Valley, Long Island, and CT. We will use this information to publicize it on our website, through the listserv, and via facebook groups. We will work with you to help advertise and register members for your event on our website.

Please be aware that google forms DOES NOT SAVE your work should you need to restart. You can certainly copy and paste into the fields though.

Email address *
Who is hosting? *
Full Name, relationship to FCC (ex: Jane Doe, adoptee. John Smith, parent)
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What is the target group? *
(adoptive dads, adoptees ages 5-9, college adoptees, etc)
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When? *
Day of week, Date. start Time - end Time. Recurring?
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Brief description of event/program *
room to elaborate later (ex: Kung Fu Panda viewing followed by lunch at pizza place)
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Where will the event/program take place specifically? *
location name, location address (if you will be going to multiple places, describe all)
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Expected # of Attendees *
And how many of them do you think have an active FCC membership?
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Registration Cost *
Please indicate fees per person, family, adult, child, etc. This will be the members registration cost. Or indicate if it will be pay your own way, for example a la carte meals.
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Full Description
Are there any other details for this event/program? What other information will registrants need to know? Is there a limit to attendees? Is there a registration deadline?
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Anything else for us to know?
Is there a rain date? Is there any reason you would cancel the event?
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Will the event need FCC insurance? *
You can't upload photos here, but please link a photo or two to include that captures the essence of the activity if you would like- for advertising your event. Please ALSO send us photos of your event after!!
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We encourage events to be self supporting, but an FCCNY Grant may be available. Would you like to apply for one? *
If yes, you will be directed to the grant form which requires just a few more details.
Thank you so much for your support and contribution to our organization, it wouldn't be a community without you!
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