PFCA Survey - March 2017
The Pacific Field Corn Association invites you to participate in a survey to assess perceptions of the impacts and risks of climate change on agriculture. This survey should take under 10 minutes to complete and your feedback will be a part of the final project report. Please note that the survey is for information purposes only and is totally confidential.

Survey Questions – please pick the best answer (one) from the options below and/or jot down your thoughts in the boxes. Skip questions that do not apply.
1. Where do you farm or reside? *
2. What is your sector and employment in agriculture? *
3. How would you rate YOUR awareness of the possible impact of climate change (e.g. warmer average annual temperatures, changing rain and snowfall patterns, increasing variability) on your farming operation or the local farm community in your region? *
4. Do you think that climate change is affecting agriculture? *
5. Climate change WILL affect agriculture in the next 10 years? *
6. What do you think is/are the main issues/concerns to agriculture from climate change? (select your highest 3) *
7. What do you think will be the main impact(s) of climate change on agricultural production? (select one or more) *
8. Are there things you are doing on your farm to address the impacts and risks from climate change? *
9. What is the most important climate information you will require in the future? (e.g. better short term weather prediction, better long term weather predictions, current climate data, climate adaptation information, farm practices support, etc.) *
10. How would you like to receive tools or information? *
Enter your phone # if you would like to be entered into a draw for a $50 gift certificate from the business of your choice
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