Fandom In Stitches: New Pattern Suggestions

Design suggestions should be for FANDOM designs only. We reserve the right to ignore inappropriate suggestions & requests, including, but not limited to NON-fandom requests or request for patterns already available on

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Please ONLY suggest designs that you yourself intend to make. If you don't plan on making it, please don't ask. Pattern design is complicated and takes time and all of our designers are VOLUNTEERS.

Design and technique will be at designer's discretion. Fandom In Stitches is PG-13. Please keep that in mind when suggesting patterns.

We have hundreds (and hundreds!) of free patterns already available. Please SEARCH for the pattern you're looking for BEFORE making a suggestion. Requests/suggestions for existing patterns will be deleted without notice.

All patterns provided by and it's designers are intended for personal, non-profit use only based on fandom titles we love. Patterns not to be used for reproduction, sales or manufacture. No infringement is intended.
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