IVR Setup
To assist our customers in designing and setting up an IVR menu. Please iterate through this form as many times as necessary for each level / option.
What is the DID (phone number) where this IVR will be hosted. It must be a number you have with us. This should be common to all the options in the same menu.
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DID Busy
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DID Unreachable
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Which voicemail would you like to use with this IVR - the DID default, the subaccount default or another one?
Level *
Is this the top level or a lower level within a nested menu? Choose from 0 being the topmost to 9 being the lowest or most nested. Please make sure you do not duplicate. If this is the first menu in the call flow please choose FIRST.
Submenus *
Choose what options to enable under this menu. You will then have to iterate through (complete) this form again for each individual submenu. This is where you tell us what goes below or under this menu. For each such option, you complete this form again, connecting it to this menu via the Level option above. The # key may not be used as an option as its role is that of "enter" or to bypass the digit selection timeout.
Language *
Please choose the language of the current menu. This is important if you want us to generate your recording via Text To Speech (TTS).
Top Recording *
Please enter the text for the main recording - i.e., what callers will hear upon calling your number. If, for some unusual reason, you want nothing to be played to callers, please enter NOTHING.
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Invalid key press - what happens if the caller presses an undefined key. By default, the system will play 'Invalid option, please try again' and replay the menu. After three invalid attempts, the line is hung up. We only have such a predefined recording for English, Spanish and French.
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Timeout - what happens if the caller does not press any key. The default is to replay the menu three times and then hang up.
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The maximum time in seconds after the recording finishes after which the t option (below) kicks in. The default is 2 seconds.
If you have additional special instructions regarding this menu, such as connectivity or call flow, please enter them here. You could have Call Forwarding to any number, Time Conditions where different pathways are taken depending on the time and day of the week, straight-to-Voicemail flows or simple Recording playback.
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