EYE!nglish - Placement Test
🇺🇸 🇬🇧 English instructions:
Answer as many questions below as you can. Try and take the test without consulting any material for a more accurate level assessment.

After taking the test, we will schedule a sample class, in which the teacher will confirm your level by assessing your speaking skill.

* * *

🇧🇷 Instruções em português:

Responda às questões abaixo até o momento que você se sentir confortável. Pare de preenchê-lo quando não mais entender do conteúdo tratado. Faça o teste sem consulta para assim termos o diagnóstico mais preciso do seu nível.

Após a prova diagnóstico, iremos marcar uma aula demonstrativa, que servirá para confirmar o seu nível, uma vez que a habilidade oral é determinante para tal.
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1. We __________ to France last summer.
Clear selection
2. I always __________ toast for breakfast.
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3. __________ your brother play the guitar?
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4. My mum doesn't like __________ to work.
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5. They __________ TV at the moment.
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6. I __________ to Rome
Clear selection
7. What __________ tomorrow afternoon?
choose the 2 correct options
8. We __________ to Rome and then we drove to Florence.
Clear selection
9. She __________ to school today because she's ill.
Clear selection
10. I __________ at the moment because I'm on holiday.
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11. Have you ever __________ Japanese food?
Clear selection
12. They __________ pizza. They had pasta.
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13. Who __________ your favourite actors?
Clear selection
14. How often __________ to the cinema?
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15. They __________ early on Sundays.
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16. This is an interesting book.
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17. The dean of education put forward a new _________.
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18. The children played __________ in the garden.
Clear selection
19. They ________ me the final report. I just need to check it.
Clear selection
20. I ___________ her all afternoon and she still hasn’t got back to me.
Clear selection
21. (A) How long __________ (you / be) in the swimming team?
(B) Since last summer.
22. Be careful. We ________________________ (just/paint) that door.
23. I _______________ (see) your brother at the pool when I was swimming.
24. We _______________ (fly) to Malaysia at 10 o’clock next Tuesday.
25. My sister _______________ (study) photography at the moment.
26. When ___________________________ (John / go) back to London? Is it tomorrow?
27. If I had the chance to live abroad, I __________ (go).
28. When I got home, I saw that somebody __________ (break) one of my windows.
29. I'll wait until she __________ (get) here and then we'll come over together.
30. She would have been happier if she ________ (not get married) so young.
Choose the most suitable half to complete the sentence:
31. Are you aware … ___
32. Do I need to inform … ___
33. Are you familiar … ___
34. Have you found that they aren’t very sensitive … ___
35. What aren’t you used … ___
Read the article and choose the correct answer A, B, or C.
1. ‘Smart’ gadgets work differently for different users. *
2. Gadgets can do more things now than in the past. *
3. Most people don’t have many machines any more. *
4. Most people think that ‘smart’ technology is bad for us. *
5. Younger people depend too much on ‘smart’ technology. *
6. Teenagers are always better than older people at remembering information. *
7. We are less happy to wait for things than we used to be. *
8. Using the internet changes young people’s brains more than older people’s. *
9. We find it more difficult to concentrate on one thing than we used to. *
10. James Sanders wants to stop using modern gadgets. *
Vocabulary questions
Match the highlighted words / phrases with the definitions:
be right for something, or someone
look at, or think about
without waiting
result of something
Writing Test
Write a small text answering the following questions as complete and thorough as possible:

1) What is your background in English? Where did you study before and for how long?

2) How important is it to learn and improve your English skills?

3) What do you think about the use of technological tools to learn and teach English?

4) What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning English privately?

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