Willits Google Form Sampler
This form will demonstrate and explain all the available options with question types. As you can see I have selected a customized background to match my web site. There are many templates available but being able to customize just adds the professional personalization.

Designed by: Jody Oliver, www.expandingeducation.com exclusively for Willits Unified School District.

1. First Name:
Text = short response. Keep the Question Title short as this is what appears in the spreadsheet that Google Forms creates for you. Makes it cleaner. This help text area is also a great location to translate into other languages.
Your answer
2. Describe your purpose as an educator:
Paragraph = paragraph to essay in length. I have tested to over 500 words and used for the County Science Fair application process.
Your answer
3. Site? *
Multiple Choice = allows for only one response. You can also have the answer go to an entirely different "form" page based on response. I have also selected the option to "shuffle option order" for exams. You can also "shuffle" all questions.
4. Select all that you have owned:
Checkboxes = you may select more than one response.
5. Select your favorite subject in HS:
Choose from a list = similar to a drop down menu.
6. Rank your training so far ...
Scale = like a likert scale - I always recommend to use even numbers so that the middle of the line isn't an option ;-)
Want my money back :-(
Awesomeness ;-)
7. Rank the following:
Grid = my favorite as you can "likert scale" on various areas and scales
Could be better ...
It's OK
I'm a happy camper!
Best work day yet!
Room Environment
Your Team
8. Enter your birth date
Date = can also include the year and time. The response is already date/time stamped on the spreadsheet so not many ideas I have come up with for other uses. Ideas?
9. Enter the time.
Time = newer feature for possibly duration of taking a test until submission.
10. Section Header
I'm placing these in the order as they appear, but in the past I have used a section header as a heading for a smaller section, i.e. student information or Part One of a quiz.
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