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Dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. Whilst all reasonable care is taken in the conduct of classes, no responsibility is accepted for injury or loss caused during class or whilst participants are at or near class venues. Parents and students are responsible for ensuring that children are physically & medically fit for the class & during the class children must at all times take care of their own personal safety.
I acknowledge that all fees are payable on a term basis at the beginning of each term. All fees are due & payable within 21 days of term commencement. A 10% late fee will be applied to your account if fees remain unpaid after this time. Repeat failures will result in direct debit only accounts where by automated credit card or debit accounts are used.
Notice of withdrawal from a class is required ONE TERM prior to leaving.
I understand that Evolution Dance School does not issue refunds. I give authorization for my/daughter/son’s photo/video to be used (if applicable) on the Evolution Dance Facebook page, Website, Instagram or Newsletter for term updates, welcome announcements, class awards or for the purpose of practicing routines (please note close up will not be taken, it will be a whole class routine), advertising etc.
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