Encampments Survey
Visible encampments are growing throughout Alameda County. Local governments are wrestling with the best way to respond to requests for help from encampment dwellers and housed residents and business owners nearby. The County and some cities have already allocated resources specifically to phenomenon. EveryOne Home is working to develop cohesive recommended strategies for addressing encampments in ways that respect the needs of everybody impacted by the issue, especially those who are homeless. Any discussion of addressing encampments is premised on the understanding that all people need a safe, affordable, permanent home. Encampment responses must be developed and executed as part of a strategy for addressing all manifestations of homelessness. Your responses to the questions posed in yesterday's membership meeting will inform proposals to be developed in the coming weeks and months. We will share what we learn from our members throughout this process.
1. Please comment, edit, expand the draft definition: An encampment is multiple households living together in a place not meant for human habitation over a period of time.
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2. Multiple households can include: (Check all that apply)
3. If you checked multiple tents or vehicles camped near each other, at least how many separate tents or vehicles should there be? And at least how many feet should they be within of each other?
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4. Places not meant for human habitation can include: (Check all that apply)
5. “Living in a place” can include: (Check all that apply)
6. If you checked occupying the same space for a period of days or more, how many days do they need to occupy the space for?
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