I'd like to help beta test Evernote products!
We're always looking for new, active testers. If you're interested in helping us improve our products, you're in the right place!

A few notes to consider before applying to the program:

1. Evernote Beta updates tend to be released every 2-3 weeks, though this varies with each individual product road map. We’re dependent on our users to thoroughly beta test our products prior to release. Users in the beta program are encouraged to provide feedback via our discussion forums, by designated email, or through other means, such as Hockeyapp or G+ Community.

2. To test the newest versions of our products, users must have current hardware and software. This will vary by product, but generally OS and hardware that is at most two versions behind is workable for beta testing purposes. The older the OS/hardware, the less likely it will be supported by the newest beta.

3. All Evernote beta testers must agree to the conditions in our beta agreement and complete the application survey, provided on the next page.

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