Agency Account Registration
Hi there, please fill this form if you have bought more than one AppSumo code to gain access to the agency features launching soon.

We will be releasing agency features before the end of October 2018. We will begin migrating accounts at the end of October, this will be a manual process that may take a few days to complete.

For each additional AppSumo coupon that is redeemed, this grants one agency account for you to use with a client, with its own dedicated payment processors and organizer details.

What does that mean?
- After the AppSumo promotion, any additional accounts you wish to add within the main agency account will be charged at the usual agency price (TBC).
- Running an agency account means you can have sub-accounts, each with their own organiser access and therefore their own payment gateway settings.
- The agency account owner would have access to all sub accounts and their respective events and orders.
- We'll be releasing email integrations soon which will be able to be setup individually on each sub-account.
- The EventsFrame app and admin screens will always run on and contain EventsFrame branding. You have the option to remove branding from all customer-facing pages.
- These features are designed for agencies to support clients in ticketing and running events. It is not a reseller program. As such, there will not be options to charge your clients from within the EventsFrame app.

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Email address for principal agency account that you will use for your main login *
Please make sure this matches the name in your EventsFrame account. This will be the master account which will manage all sub-accounts.
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AppSumo redemption coupon codes for the sub-agency accounts *
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