Application for Membership - Proposition E Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee (ICOC)
Application for membership in the Prop E - ICOC
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1. Name *
2. Street Address *
3. City, State, Zip *
4. Contact Telephone Number *
5. Email *
6. Qualifications (Please check all that apply) *
7. If you have a child enrolled in the EUSD schools, which school?
8. Do you know of any reason, such as a conflict of interest, that would adversely affect your ability to serve on the ICOC? *
9.  If you answered "Yes" to question #8, please explain
10. Are you currently employed by the Escondido Union School District *
11. Are you an employee of any vendor, contractor, or consultant currently retained by the EUSD? *
12. Education Background *
Please indicate your highest level of education
13. Degree/Major/Certificate/Other
Please tell us your degree, major, and instiution granting the degree or certificates
14. Personal Reference #1 *
Please give us a personal reference (not a relative).  Include name, address and telephone number
15.  Personal Reference #2 *
Please give us a personal reference (not a relative).  Include name, address and telephone number
16. Experience/Expertise *
Please provide any background experience that would prove useful as a member of the ICOC
17.  Describe what you could contribute to the ICOC. *
18. How did you learn about the ICOC?
(i.e. newspaper advertisements, web sites, plan rooms, etc.)
19.  Please add any comments that you feel would assist the Board of Education in evaluation of your application.
Certificate of Applicant *
By submitting this form, I certify I understand all answers and statements in this document are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.  I understand that this application is a public record and may be discussed at a public meeting of the Board of Education.  Please enter today's date.
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