Rezzed Leftfield submissions 2013

Hello! Here's the stuff we need to know to consider your game for the Leftfield Collection at Rezzed, which is taking place in Birmingham, UK, June 22nd - 23rd. There's no cost to exhibit, but places are limited. We can't cover travel and accommodation for exhibitors, but being at Rezzed will put your game in front of thousands of people. Submissions close on Friday May 17th. Anything you submit using this form will remain confidential to Gamer Network. Screenshots are nice, builds and videos even better. We're requesting all of these resources with URLs this year, because having it all stuffed into in someone's inbox makes it difficult for the curation team to work as a whole. In the case of PC games, our sponsors provide the hardware and you don't necessarily have to attend with your game. For Android, iOS and anything else though, you'd have to provide hardware and be able to attend to look after it during the show. Sound good? In that case, we'd like to know this stuff please:
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Once again: Submissions close on Friday May 17th. Don't worry about submitting early, but if there are any links or information you'd like to revise by that date, such as new builds or updated videos, email them to

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