Mentee (Underclassmen) Application
Welcome to the mentee application for the Agency Mentorship Program form SOAR (Students Organized Against Racism) and MSAN (Minority Student Achievement Network). Read more about our programs (including this one) here:

The Agency Mentorship Program's goal is to increase leadership, academic achievement, and postsecondary preparedness in students of color while providing opportunities, positive role models, and fostering strong relationships.

 If you are a student of color who is an incoming freshman or sophomore in the fall of 2017, please fill out the following application in order to be considered for the program.
Please answer these questions carefully and seriously, as they will be reviewed by a team of upperclassmen and teachers to match you to a mentor.  

Looking for the mentor form? Its
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What is your ETHS email?
If you do not have one yet, you can skip this question.
What is your phone number? *
A parent or guardian's email? *
Grade in school (as of fall 2017) *
Whats your favorite class or area of study currently? *
Examples: US history, cell biology, creative writing and short stories, etc. Limit your response to two or three areas.
What is something you're excited about for high school? *
What are some goals you have for high school? *
Examples can be getting better at time management, getting all A's and B's, taking some interesting classes, finding a group or club where you really "click", etc.
What do you want to do after high school? *
some example options include attending a college or university, attending trade or vocational school (to become a chef, hairstylist, professional makeup artist, and some careers in manufacturing and technology, etc.), joining the military, or pursuing an artistic or entrepreneurial career. Try to have your response be about 100-150 words.
What are some extracurricular interests you have or activities you do? *
We prefer if you tell us about the activities you're interested in continuing in high school or trying in high school. To give you an idea, here is the ETHS activity page: and athletics page: 
What are some concerns you have for high school? *
This can be anything! Friendships, homework, time management, paying for programs/college, balancing home life and school, etc.
IF RISING SOPHOMORE, what are some things that went well freshman year? What didn't/what would you like to improve?
Try to have your response be 100-150 words
Is there anything else we should know about you?
This is where you can talk about serious subjects like mental health, family situation, immigration status/documentation, socioeconomic status, learning disabilities, etc. This will NOT be used to measure your eligibility for the program and you do not have to answer this question, we just want to match you with a compatible mentor and create the best environment for you to grow as a student.
Do you feel comfortable telling us about your identity? Would you want us to consider that when matching you to a mentor? *
Do you have a preferred gender for your mentor? If so please specify
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