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ESU 9 has two 3D printers: an Afinia 3D printer (may be used by any ESU9 district) and a Mojo 3D printer (only for CTE teachers / students in the ESU9 Perkins Consortium). The Mojo has better print resolution and also can print dissolvable support material for projects requiring moving parts or hollow sides.

The cost for printing a 3D project will vary based on which printer is used and the size of the project. For projects printed using the Afinia printer, the cost will be based on weight (5 cents per gram). For projects printed using the Mojo printer, the cost will be based on cubic inch (Filament: $2.00/cubic inch and Support Material: $3.50/cubic inch).

Please submit this form to request 3D printing AND upload your STL files to http://tinyurl.com/ESU9-3D-PrintRequest. An estimate will be provided prior to printing to confirm the cost.

IF you have the Mojo software on your computer, you do not need to upload your STL files to the designated Dropbox. You may send your project directly to the printer.

NOTE: Project files must be saved as STL files.

Contact Lois Hafer (lois.hafer@esu9.us), Kristen Slechta (kristen.slechta@esu9.us) or Janine Uden (media@esu9.us) for more information.
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If your project requires more than one STL file, please place all of your project's STL files into one compressed (zip) folder. Upload the compressed folder to the dropbox indicated. Also, please indicate how many STL files are used in each project submitted.
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Please indicate if you will be picking up the project(s) at ESU9; or, if someone else will pick up the project(s) for you, please check "Other" and indicate who will be picking up your order.
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Afinia Printer available for ALL districts. Mojo Printer available for Perkins Consortium members only.
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