FALL 2017 English Class Choice Form
-- The following are the four class English class choices available in the fall of 2017:
-- Rank your TOP THREE class choices UNLESS you are a rising 12th grader who has applied and is committing to AP Lit. If you are contracted to AP Lit, choose it as your FIRST AND ONLY CHOICE.

*******You must choose three different classes. If you repeat the same class choice, you may be placed at random in any of the four classes. Also, DO NOT pick a class you have already taken********

TRAGEDY: There are no happy endings in this class.  Sorry. You will become experts on the classic genre of tragedy as you study, perform, debate and analyze the works of Aristotle, Sophocles, Shakespeare and Arthur Miller. Assessments will include creative pieces such as performances and adaptations of ancient plays and literary essays. The aim of this class is to bring your reading and writing skills to college level..

­­­PERFORMANCE STUDIES: (rising 12th graders CANNOT choose this option if already took ADVANCED Dramatic Lit) In this class students will study the significance of performance in society through engaging in the process of creating a performance. This will include analysis of texts including film, plays, television and performance art. It will also include engagement in the entire process of bringing a text to stage including writing, directing, design and acting.

INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY: Why do we act the way that we do? Really, what motivates us? Why do some people seem determined to succeed no matter what? Where does that energy and determination come from? Psychology has a lot to say about this. We will answer the question,"Why do people do whathey do?"; by studying theories of motivation, moral development and parenting styles. We will study thinkers such as Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow and Malcolm X. Finally, we will apply what we have learned about psychology to the characters of August Wilson’s classic play, Fences.

JOURNALISM: In this class students will learn the history and ethics of journalism as a framework for creating a school newspaper. Students will understand the different genres of writing involved in journalism from straight stories to editorials, sports writing, and reviews. While learning to craft different types of journalistic writing students will engage in the analysis and production of different journalistic media including newspapers, magazines and news shows.

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