ESC IT Equipment Liability

ESC of Central Ohio Equipment Liability Form

User agrees to the following when being assigned any ESC technology equipment that can be removed from the ESC premises (e.g. Laptops, cameras, projectors, etc.)

Care of Equipment: It is agreed and understood that the user will exercise all due and reasonable care in the handling and use of said Equipment and agrees to voluntarily return the Equipment in good condition immediately upon user’s separation from the ESC. The ESC accepts and acknowledges the reasonable and normal wear and depreciation in value of the Equipment. However, the ESC will not accept cost of damage to said Equipment where:
The user’s negligent use or misuse causes damage to the Equipment.
The damage to the Equipment is intentional.
The damage, depreciation, or wear and tear is outside the terms of this agreement.

Lost or Stolen Equipment: In cases where the Equipment is lost or stolen during the normal course of the business day, a report must be filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency within 48 hours of the time of the Equipment is lost or stolen. A copy of the report must be turned into the Business Services Consultant at the ESC upon completion of report. The user may be charged a $500 fee, which is the ESC insurance deductible. If the lost or stolen equipment is replaced, equivalent equipment will be purchased by the ESC upon payment of the insurance deductible.

Disclaimer: If the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged outside of the normal course of business the user understands a claim may need to be filled against their homeowner’s policy, and is responsible for paying the deductible as per their homeowner’s policy.

License Agreements: The ESC is the sole owner of any software installed on Equipment. Any copying, modifications, merging or distribution of software by the user is prohibited.

Rules of Equipment Operation: The user will act within the guidelines of the ESC Network Privacy and Acceptable Use Policy for Staff Members (found in the Staff Handbook)

Indemnification: User agrees to reimburse and hold the ESC harmless from and against any and all liabilities, cost, and damages (including attorney fees), which arise out of or relate in any way to the use or misuse of the Equipment or software by user or others.

Delivery and Acceptance: User hereby acknowledges receipt of the Equipment, and peripheral equipment and software listed in number 1 above, in good condition and working order and verifies the correctness of the serial number stated below. By signing this form and acknowledging receipt of the Equipment, the User accepts full responsibility for all expenses due to damages and/or loss as defined in this form.

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