ESC Mobile Device Liability Form

Liability Policy:

The mobile device and all applications (apps), files and documents stored on it are the property of the ESC of Central Ohio. The equipment is on loan to the ESC/SSC-COG employee.

While assigned to a designated user, the mobile device is the responsibility of that user and shouldn’t be loaned to others. The whereabouts of the mobile device should be known at all times. It is the user’s responsibility to keep the assigned mobile device safe and in a locked, secure place when not in use to avoid theft.

It is the responsibility of the user to file a police report in case of theft, vandalism and other acts covered by insurance. If the mobile device is lost, stolen or damaged, its user must notify the Help Desk and his or her supervisor.

In cases where the Equipment is lost or stolen during the normal course of the business day, a report must be filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency within 48 hours of the time of the Equipment is lost or stolen. A copy of the report must be turned into the Business Services Consultant at the ESC upon completion of report. The user may be charged a $500 fee, which is the ESC insurance deductible. If the lost or stolen equipment is replaced, equivalent equipment will be purchased by the ESC upon payment of the insurance deductible.

If the mobile device is lost or stolen outside of work, the user must file an insurance claim under his or her homeowner’s insurance policy. Reimbursement will be made to the ESC to replace equipment. The user is responsible for all damage or loss caused by negligence or abuse. The user will reimburse the ESC for equipment repair/replacement.

If cords and/or accessories are lost, the first occurrence, the organization will replace the cord. Should this occur again, the individual is responsible for replacing lost cords at market price.

The mobile device is monitored daily by administrators and technology staff.

All mobile devices and accessories (e.g. case, power cords, etc.) must be returned to the Help Desk in good working condition at the end of the school year. Those who are assigned a mobile device for summer use must schedule an appointment with the Help Desk for an annual equipment check.

Mobile Device Security, Protection and Care

In order to best care for the mobile device, please follow these guidelines:

• Keep the mobile device in the case in which it is provided.

• If user provides a case it must protect the device and screen and be approved by the Center for Technology prior to use.

• Protect it from getting crushed, dropped or damaged.

• Do not leave the mobile device in a car or locations where it will be damaged by heat.

• Keep the mobile device dry and away from water sources (e.g. sinks/bathtubs or pools.)

• Keep food and beverages away from the mobile device.

• Do not use any cleaning products on the mobile device. Use a soft, dry anti-static cloth to clear fingerprints.

• To extend the battery life of the mobile device, do not constantly charge it. It is best to let the battery drain before recharging.

• Do not deface the serial number mobile device sticker on any mobile device or place decorations (e.g. stickers, markers, etc.) on the mobile device.

• Do not place excessive pressure on the screen by leaning on it, placing items on top of it or bumping it against walls, doors or floors.

• Insert cords and cables carefully to prevent damage.

• Do not disassemble any part of the mobile device or attempt any repairs.

Acceptable Use Policy

• All ESC-owned mobile device are subject to the ESC acceptable use policy. The

ESC may search ESC-owned mobile device to verify compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy. The mobile device is subject to routine monitoring by administrators and technology staff.

• Do not store personal apps/files/data on the mobile device.

• Do not purchase apps using a personal account. All applications will be purchased through the Center for Technology.

• Password protect the mobile device to prevent unauthorized access.

• Do not remove or tamper with the ESC security profiles placed on the assigned mobile device.

• Do not engage in jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is the process of which removes any limitations placed on the mobile device by the vendor.

• Do not sync the mobile device to any computer or device.

• If using the camera on the device, follow the policy of the district and/or the ESC regarding photo or video releases.

By signing below, I agree to the terms of usage outlined above.

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