Mrs. Ackerman's End of Year Evaluation
Congratulations! You are at just about the end of the school year! It was definitely an enjoyable experience for me and I hope you feel the same. I would like to make next year's class even better! I provided feedback for you all year, so now I'm asking for YOUR feedback. Please be honest and if you feel comfortable, feel free to enter your name.
Thanks you for helping me to become a better teacher!

Please rate each question based on how much you believe it helped you throughout the year using this scale:
A-Strongly Agree
F-Strongly Disagree

Mrs. Ackerman showed interest in my learning *
Mrs. Ackerman's expectations were clear and fair *
Mrs. Ackerman was available for extra help outside of the class period. *
The unit packets Mrs. Ackerman created helped me stay organized and informed me of what I was responsible for learning. *
This class prepared me well for each test and the final. *
I am leaving this class with a greater knowledge of math and science *
Grading was fair *
Each test/quiz was fair *
The projects we did helped me to learn the topics they covered. *
The class Google Slides presentations helped me. *
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The weekly Do Now sheets helped me stay organized and reflect on what I learned.
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The class website (ACKademic) was helpful for me. *
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My binder helped me be organized and learn *
The videos shown in class were helpful *
The amount of homework was fair *
Mrs. Ackerman truly cares about helping me succeed *
Mrs. Ackerman respects me and treats everyone fairly *
Mrs. Ackerman speaks clearly and uses words that I can understand *
Mrs. Ackerman has a sense of humor *
Mrs. Ackerman holds me accountable for my actions *
Mrs. Ackerman knows the subject being taught *
Mrs. Ackerman praises good work *
Mrs. Ackerman does her best to make the class fun and interesting *
Mrs. Ackerman helps you if you are struggling with a topic/assignment *
Mrs. Ackerman listens to my ideas and opinions *
Mrs. Ackerman encourages me to be a responsible invidual *
Mrs. Ackerman answers my questions thoroughly. *
Mrs. Ackerman keeps the class under control *
Mrs. Ackerman is happy and seems to enjoy teaching. *
Mrs. Ackerman tries new teaching methods. *
What are 2 of Mrs. Ackerman's strengths? *
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What are 2 of Mrs. Ackerman's weaknesses? *
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What are 2 ways Mrs. Ackerman can make her classes better? *
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What was your favorite part of Mrs. Ackerman's class? *
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What was your least favorite part of Mrs. Ackerman's class? *
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What was your favorite lesson and why? (Look through your binder) *
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Do you feel that what you learned this year will help you succeed? *
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What could Mrs. Ackerman have done more (or better) to help you learn this year? *
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What should Mrs. Ackerman change for next year? *
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What would you have liked to have learned more about? *
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What is the overall grade you would give me for the year? *
Please feel free to write anything else you'd like to comment on regarding Mrs. Ackerman's class.
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