The Great American Eclipse Permission Slip
On Aug 21st, 2017, the United States will be experiencing a total solar eclipse crossing much of
the country. This is a rare event for the US and an even rarer event for Colorado. Because of that, ERA
is planning on giving students the opportunity to view the eclipse during school hours. Below are the
safety procedures we have put into place, as well as safety concerns you will want to consider.
Safety Procedures:
Thanks to the Warrior Alliance, the school has been able to purchase eclipse viewing glasses for the entire student body and staff.

On the first day of school, Aug 18th, the student body will attend an assembly to discuss safety issues pertaining to the viewing of the eclipse. Those safety issues are below.

Students will be supervised by staff during the eclipse and students will be advised to wear proper safety equipment as provided by the school.
Safety Issues

The following safety issues will be discussed at the all student body assembly and will be reiterated in all core science classes on Friday, Aug 18th.

Viewing the sun without special equipment can permanently damage the eyes. Because the eclipse in CO will not be total (we will see ~93%), there will be no time during the eclipse where it will be safe to remove safety glasses.

During the eclipse, I agree to abide by the following safety rules.
Parents are welcomed! A limited amount of eclipse glasses may be available if you would like
to join the school in viewing the eclipse. If you would like to make sure you have a pair of eclipse
viewing glasses, they can be purchased from many suppliers around town (Lowe’s, Walmart, Home
Depot, etc). ERA would love to see parents join us in this rare event!
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If you have additional Safety Concerns:
or questions about the eclipse, you can check the NASA website at

If you have any questions about our event at Eagle Ridge Academy, please contact:

Mandy Hildebrand, science teacher,
Mary Nell Stringer, Head ofSchool,

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