EOU Proctor Information Form

•Proctors Must Hold One of the Following Positions: •Dean or Registrar of a college or university •Professional staff members of an adult or continuing education office, counseling center, testing center, or professor of a college or university •Public or Private school superintendent , principal, counselor, or teacher (presently employed by a school district) •Certified Librarian (city ,county, school etc.) •Civil Service examiner •Additionally, the Proctor may NOT be related to the student or hold a supervisory position over the student •Armed Forces education officer (soldiers deployed without access to an education officer should contact testing@eou.edu for alternate arrangements) •Proctors must be currently employed by their respective organization •Proctors must not be related to the student
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E-mail Guidelines

All submitted proctor email addresses must be from their respective organizations. No information will be sent to a personal email address at Hotmail, Yahoo, G-Mail, or other such sites (the only exceptions are made for currently deployed Armed Forces personal and institutions that do not have access to their own domain).

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.