EnterpriseDB Beta 2016
Your feedback helps shape our products.
Welcome to our 2016 Beta program.
By participating, you and your organization:
- See the products, documentations & sample scenarios first
- Get a direct line to Product Management and the Development team
- Help influence the direction of EnterpriseDB's products and tools.

We request that you
- Spend a minimum of 4-8 hours evaluating the products
- Deliver feedback via online survey questions, 1:1 interviews, or group web casts
- Provide some level of endorsement with the GA of the product

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Beta Testing
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Cloud Management 2.0 (for Openstack)
Cloud Management 2.0 Beta speeds up provisioning and offers support for self service provisioning, auto-elasticity, self-healing, load balancing and more in Private Cloud Environments with RedHat or Community OpenStack Icehouse and Kilo.

Cloud Management 2.0 Beta is planned to be available in late March 2016.

If you want to participate in the Cloud Management 2.0 beta, please fill out the following questions:

What is your organization's vision for offering Postgres in an internal private cloud deployment? What is your typical use case (Development / Test Instances? Production Internal or Customer/Public Facing Apps? DevOps? Other?)
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Please specify which version of OpenStack you plan to use with Cloud Management.
Please enter any other information about your private cloud initiatives or Cloud Management related questions.
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Data Adapter for Hadoop
Many organizations are seeing an opportunity to query and join data from their Hadoop systems with data from their Postgres RDBMS. The Data Adapter for Hadoop (built on our HDFS_FDW) makes this easy to do when querying from an Apache Hive 1 or Hive 2 Server or the Hortonwork YARN distribution.

The hdfs_fdw that we use is available in beta form on our github page today (https://github.com/EnterpriseDB/hdfs_fdw).

It supports features like predicate pushdown for SELECT and WHERE clauses today to improve performance.

If you are interested to learn more about the hfs_fdw and the Data Adapter for Hadoop, please fill out the questions below.

What is your organization's vision integrating Hadoop and Postgres? What type of business problems are you trying to solve?
Your answer
Which distribution of Hadoop do you use?
With which version of Postgres do you need to integrate?
Please enter any Data Adapter related questions or comments.
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XA Plugin
EDB's XA Plugin enables Advanced Server to act as a Resource Manager for XA Transaction Managers like Oracle Tuxedo. The XA protocol guarantees that a transaction is either fully committed on all participant databases or fully rolled back. This provides customers with the flexibility to add PAS as a low-cost participant in mission-critical distributed systems.

The XA Plugin is available Beta form by working with the EDB engineering team. It will be supported on various Linux (RHEL / CentOS / OEL 6.x and 7.x, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Debian 7 & 8, SLES 11 & 12) and Windows servers (2012 R2, 2008 R2). The XA plugin will support Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 & 9.4.

If you want to participate in the XA Plugin beta, please fill out the questions below

Tell us about the application being written or ported. What does it do? Is it using a JDBC, ODBC, OCI or Pro*C (ECPG) based interface?
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Our XA Plugin currently implements the following: xa_open(), xa_close(), xa_start(), xa_rollback(), xa_prepare() & xa_commit(). How well does this match with the needs of potential applications?
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With which Transaction Manager are you looking to integrate?
Please enter any other XA related questions or comments.
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Final thoughts
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