Add New Enspiral Contributor
This is a form for Enspiral members to use to add new people to the network. Enspiral Operations process these requests once a week, usually on a Thursday.

Contributors are invited to Loomio, Slack, and other online tools, and get Enspiral News. After 3 months they are asked sign up for a *contribution subscription to stay on. (*See: [](

According to our new [Stewardship Agreement](, every new contributor has a steward. By default, this will be you, as the person who added them.

If you want to add a new contributor but don’t have capacity to be their steward, then please find someone else who is willing. This will either be another member, or a contributor who has been sponsored by a member. Members have the ultimate responsibility for the wellbeing of the new people we are adding to the network.

Contributors provide their own introduction, which is captured in this form: You can also use that form to update your own details in the database.

Member name *
Enspiral Foundation Members can introduce new contributors to the network. If you're not a Member and you'd like to add someone new, introduce them to a Member and ask the member to request they be added.
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Stewardship *
You are the new contributor's steward unless you have found an established contributor to do the stewarding instead.
Name of Steward (if other than yourself)
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Contributor name *
Their full name
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Contributor - email address *
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Do they need an email address on one of our domains? *
It costs money so only request if it will be used. Operations will provide a standard address and can provide an alias if required. mention in comments.
Confirmation of managing contributor expectations *
I confirm I have told this new person to expect invitations to our comms channels, and they know they will be asked for a contribution in 3 months.
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