Loomio Team Survey - Winter 2015
Please complete this by Weds 17 June. The Retreat is 26-28 June. You're welcome to complete this whether you can attend or not - we like to weave diverse thinking in. This information will resource the coordinators in decisions about staffing, and help the retreat content planners design the experience.

Your answers will be shared with everyone in the Loomio Contributors group.
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Reflections on this 90-day period (Apr-Jun 2015)
Thinking back on this quarter, what worked well? What was challenging? What have we learned? Did we achieve the outcomes we set? Were they the right ones to select?  For reference, the 90-day priorities we set for the last period were: $2.5k in recurring revenue, Opt-in release of Loomio 1.0 + readiness for MVP launch in following period, and $250K in philanthropic capital raising.
Thinking strategically about next quarter (Jul-Sep 2015)
What should Loomio prioritise? What should we say 'no' to? Are there key strategic questions we need to ask to make the right decisions? What is one thing Loomio should absolutely do in the next 90 days - for Loomio, for you?
What do you need from the upcoming retreat? What does the co-op need?
What are the discussions that you think need to happen? What kind of experience would best support you right now? How should the co-op use this opportunity of bringing the team together?
What is your capacity for Loomio work next quarter (April-June 2015)?
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Do you have any travel plans for next quarter?
If so, please let us know dates and if you're available to work remotely or taking time off.
What do you want to work on? How do you want to work?
If you have capacity to do Loomio work, what are you super into working on, what are you willing to work on, and what are you not into working on? What ways of working as a team would best support you to productively and happily contribute?
Are you interested in being a coordinator?
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Any other comments or questions?
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