Costume Contest

To become a participant in "The Masters" category of the ECCC Costume Party, please fill out the form below! For any questions/inquiries regarding the ECCC Costume Party, please send an e-mail to "The Masters" category is an individual category only. No groups will be accepted. Costumes must fit into one of these categories: Comic (Marvel, DC and General), Video Game, Original Sci-Fi/Fantasy (your own creation), Media Sci-Fi/Fantasy (based on an existing work) or Superhero Steampunk. Costumes that have been created for previous ECCC shows ARE eligible to be used in this category as are costume that have been created and used in other shows. (Dragon*Con, San Diego Comic Con, C2E2, etc.) A limited number of contestants will be accepted into this category. First place in "The Masters" category will be awarded $1000.00. Second place will receive $500.00 and third place will take away $300.00. (Prize money is provided by 51 Minds Entertainment for use exclusively in "The Masters" category) For participants, there will be a backstage area for you to get into and out of your costume as well as a stage for you to walk across and show off your costume. THE DEADLINE FOR PARTICIPATION IS WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th AT MIDNIGHT PST! Entrants must provide a minimum of two other previous costume examples. You will be required to provide low res images of you in each costume along with your name and where the costumes were used. THERE WILL BE NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION FOR "THE MASTERS" CATEGORY OR FOR THE AFTER HOURS ECCC COSTUME PARTY.
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