WID Peer Writing Preceptor Request Form

A Peer Writing Preceptor (PWP) is an undergraduate student with a record of excellent writing, who may, under the supervision of a faculty mentor, assist in a WID course in any of the following ways: a. Confer with or “coach” individual students to help them formulate topics for essays and generate appropriate bibliographic sources; b. Review outlines and/or rough drafts for coherence, clarity of purpose, argument, and other “global” concerns; c. Evaluate written assignments such as essays, lab reports, research papers, and provide appropriate feed-back (not simply editing), with an eye toward substantive revision; d. Hold office hours to consult with individual students; e. Lead peer review sessions among students; f. Provide brief comments to the professor following each meeting with a student or group of students regarding an assignment. Unlike Instructional Assistants, PWPs should NOT grade the work of students. It is often useful, but not required, for a PWP to have completed the course in question. PWPs should work no more than 8 hours per week. Under no circumstances may a PWP be simultaneously enrolled in the WID course he or she is supporting. All PWPs receive $1000 over the course of the semester and the faculty member receives $500 at the end of the semester in exchange for serving as a "mentor" or "coach" for the student. Fall dealine: May 1st Spring deadline: December 15th
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All requests must be received by the required deadline for consideration.

Fall deadline: May 1st Spring Deadline: December 15th

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