Report on CCAS Internal Grants. Due: August 31, 2018
This form accepts reports on all CCAS internal grants, including final reports on CCFF, DICE,, and annual reports on Dean's Research Chair during the period July 2017 - June 2018. Reports on Faculty Enhanced Travel Awards are not required.
If your wish to submit a file as part of your report, you can send that to
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Which program is this report for?
Information on your awarded project, including project title, duration, and awarded amount
List products that came out of this grant, including creative work, publications, patents, external grants or fellowships, or other significant products.
Briefly summarize your achievements or activities from the support.
Briefly explain the budget expenditure of your internal grant
It is fine to provide just balk figures, e.g. $2k to support PhD. student XYZ
If you wish to submit a document such as a pdf file, you can upload here.
Any general comments on the program? For example, should CCAS continue this program, any changes you would suggest?
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