Student Status Report: International Student Services at EdCC

Use this form to communicate with International Student Services regarding: 1) Vacation (Intensive ESL students) 2) Going home for one or more quarters 3) Graduation 4) Concurrent enrollment (taking a class at another school) College and high school students take SUMMER as a vacation quarter. Approval for summer quarter vacation or going home for summer is not required. College and high school students are not eligible for a vacation quarter during fall, winter or spring. For a quarter at home, please select “going home for 1 quarter” or “going home for 2 or more quarters” IESL students need ISS approval for a vacation quarter during ANY quarter, including SUMMER. *Note regarding medical reduced course load: If you have an illness or medical condition and need to take part time classes (or not take classes) for medical reasons, please make an appointment with an ISS Advisor and bring a note from a licensed doctor.
* Required