Student Status Report Form - International Student Services at EdCC
Use this form to communicate with International Student Services regarding:

1) Annual Vacation
2) Going home for one or more quarters
3) Graduation
4) Concurrent enrollment (taking a class at another school)

International students can take one vacation quarter each year. An annual vacation quarter is a quarter spent in the United States while not studying full time.

*Full time = 12 credits with at least 7 credits on campus or hybrid, or 4 classes for Intensive ESL.

During your vacation quarter, you may enroll part-time, take online classes or not study at all.

*You are eligible for vacation if you will register for the following quarter (for example, if you take summer as a vacation, you need to return for fall).*

*For College and High School students ONLY: If you begin your EdCC program in winter or spring quarter, you will be eligible for your first summer vacation. Your next annual vacation will be the next summer.

*Summer is the most common vacation quarter for college and high school students. You do not need to request a summer quarter vacation unless you took an alternative vacation quarter (see below) within the last three quarters.

*Alternative vacation quarter (fall, winter, spring) for college and high school students: An alternative annual vacation quarter may be requested for any quarter, other than summer, if you study three previous quarters full time, and you will return for the next quarter. For example, if you study full time during winter, spring and summer, then you may take fall as your annual vacation if you will return for the following winter quarter. Then, you will not be able to take the next vacation until you complete three more quarters (i.e. winter, spring and summer again.) Because college and high school class options are very limited in the summer, we recommend taking summer as your vacation quarter. An alternative vacation quarter should be used only in special circumstances and with careful planning with an advisor to be sure not to interrupt or delay your study plan. If you intend to take your vacation in fall, winter or spring, you must use our online Student Status Report form to request approval for an alternative annual vacation.

*Annual vacation for Intensive ESL students: You may be eligible for a vacation quarter if you study three full time quarters in a row (for example fall, winter, spring), and you will return for the next quarter. You must use the Student Status Report to request an annual vacation.

If you are completing your program, you may not take your final quarter as vacation.

*Note regarding medical reduced course load:
If you have an illness or medical condition and need to take part time classes (or not take classes) for medical reasons, please contact the ISS office to talk with an advisor.

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