Mrs Leban's Stupid Questions Sample Quiz
This is an example of different question types that you can ask using Google Forms. Google Forms is a great way to make a quiz, survey a group of people, or to collect information. Let's have fun with this!
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#1 Short Answer - What is your name? *
#2 Paragraph - What is your favorite quote or song lyric? *
#3 Multiple Choice - What do you want to have for dinner? *
#4 Checkboxes - Which of these subject areas are interesting to you? (You may pick more than one.) *
#5 Dropdown - What is your favorite color? *
#6 Linear Scale - How do you feel about dogs? Please rate below. *
I do not care for them at all.
Dogs are the best thing ever!
#7 Multiple Choice Grid - Answer each statement: *
I like to eat ice cream.
I like to ride a bike.
I like to play video games
#8 Date - When would you like to win the lottery? *
#9 Time - When do you go to bed at night? *
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