ART of Infertility Oral History Interviews
Elizabeth Walker and Maria Novotny, Co-Directors of The ART of Infertility, are interested in collecting more stories for our project which aims to raise infertility awareness and highlight the diversity of infertility. If you are interested in conducting a short interview with us (no more than 30 minutes), please list your name, preferred method of contact, days and times available, and brief statement describing the story you would like to share.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all stories but will conduct as many interviews as our current budgetary and time constraints allow. As such, even if we cannot accommodate hearing your story at this time, please let us know if you'd like to contribute to the project in the future and we will be sure to follow-up.

If you have any particular questions or concerns, you can contact the project at: Thank you!

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An example would be "For 5 years, my partner and I were TTC. This past January, we finally we able to complete our family with the adoption of a baby girl from India." From this description, we get a sense of how long you have been dealing with infertility as well as where you are with your infertility journey (aka resolved through international adoption). This information will not be shared with anyone. You have every right to your privacy. We ask for this information only to help us prioritize stories that have not yet been contributed to the project, aiding us in our mission to represent the diverse faces and experiences of infertility.
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