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This form is used to express interest in or request real estate license sponsorship from Elite Texas Properties. Please fill it out in its entirety and be sure to click the blue SUBMIT button at the bottom when you are finished. Someone will then contact you in a timely manner.
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What advanced/special real estate designations do you hold?
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Are you financially prepared to pay not only for your brokerage sponsorship, but also for your local MLS and board fees and dues, immediately and in a timely manner, on an ongoing basis? *
Have there ever been or are there currently any complaints filed or pending against you with TAR or TREC? *
Has there ever been or is there currently any legal action pending against you in a court of law? *
Do you manage rental properties owned by someone else? *
Do you use an LLC or DBA name? *
Please use this section to explain any complaints or lawsuits filed against you (if any), any ancillary business you may be involved with, any management of properties you are or plan to be involved with, any use of LLCs or DBAs, etc. All information is kept strictly confidential.
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