Code4Life Instructor Questionnaire
Code4Life is an after-school program that teaches basic computer programming skills to K-12 students around the country. The program kicks off its Spring 2020 semester on March 16th. Classes generally meet for two hours, after-school, one day a week for eight weeks. In some school districts, we operate two days a week. We utilize a paid instructor model at Code4Life. The salary is $25 per hour. If you would be interested in teaching Code4Life, fill out the form below. There is no need to submit a resume. Everything we need, we can get from this form.
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Consistent attendance is extremely important to our students. They need stability and continuity. How many times have you been absent from work or school in the past six months? *
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All instructors are required by law to pass a criminal background check. Are you able to pass a criminal background check? *
Instructors in DC public schools are also required to have an updated TB test. Have you had this test recently and can you share the results? *
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